Hinderer + Mühlich presenting novel die designs
and setup aids at Drupa

Innovative die technologies for hot stamping

Fürth/Germany, 26 April 2016: The manufacturer of hot stamping dies Hinderer + Mühlich will be taking part at this year's Drupa as a co-exhibitor with the stamping foil manufacturer Kurz. The company, a member of the Kurz Group, will be presenting its latest die technology developments at the Kurz booth. On display will be novel hot stamping dies for producing a broad range of contemporary stamping designs. The company will also be presenting innovative aids for efficient die mounting.

Designs with ultrafine structures

Hinderer + Mühlich has developed a process for producing novel hot stamping designs. The company's product range already included hot stamping dies for microembossing, which creates very fine structures. The new process enables the company to manufacture dies for nanoembossing. These can be used to implement even finer structures, and to incorporate gradients and matt finishes, photographic effects or flip-flop effects. The creative possibilities are virtually endless. When applied to a hot stamping foil, these effects can produce visually and tactilely attractive contrasts. Several types of structures can be incorporated into one and the same stamping die, thereby creating refined stamping designs with novel combinations of effects.
In addition to nanoembossing, the company will also be presenting new designs incorporating macrostructures, microembossing and artistic reliefs.

Die technologies for shorter setup times

Hinderer + Mühlich will show a range of aids for efficiently setting up dies at Drupa. These include quick setup systems for a variety of stamping machine types where all the stamping dies for a sheet are pre-mounted on a carrier plate. The carrier plate is then simply positioned on top of the base plate of the relevant machine. Fine adjustments can easily be performed if registration or sheet distortion problems arise. These quick setup systems provide considerable time savings for repeat stamping jobs.
Further cost and time saving aids to be presented at Drupa include exchangeable inserts for stamping dies. If only small areas of the stamping design change with each repeat stamping job, for example the year number on a wine label, then a replaceable insert can be produced for this area of the die. A single base die can then be used for the entire series of orders. This markedly reduces material usage, and the changeover of the insert can be performed considerably quicker than for a complete die.
Also on display will be transfer systems for counter dies that allow fast and precise positioning of the counter die relative to the die.
For detailed information on all the available means of simplifying die mounting, visit the Kurz booth D60 in Hall 3.
Kurz will also be represented in hall 3, booth E74, at the Drupa Innovation Park in hall 7.0, booth E10, at the Touchpoint Packaging in hall 12, booth B53 and at PrintCity in hall 12, booth C51.